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Founded in 1989, Residential Properties Management, Inc. (RPM) today manages 1,205 units at 29 properties. RPM, Inc. is a full-service, third party property and asset management company with a strong presence throughout North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Of the 1,205 units we manage, 454 units are controlled by principals of RPM, Inc., giving us a strong core of properties on which to base our management operations as well as long-term experience with the asset management component of the business. We also manage 26 properties, representing 894 units, which are controlled by various non-profit, 501(c) (3) organizations. RPM, or its predecessors, has managed 25 of our sites from property development forward.

RPM is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, with two regional offices to serve our clients.

We represent a diversified housing market, including residential and commercial properties, single- and multi-family units, elderly, supportive housing, and family residences.

We represent a diversified housing market, including residential and commercial properties, single- and multi-family units, elderly, supportive housing, and family residences with experience in the subsidized, tax credit and conventional housing market. Our portfolio includes 18 affordable housing communities for seniors, 12 of which are HUD 202 properties, sponsored by area churches and other various community groups. We manage approximately 126 units of tax credit housing. Numerous of theses communities have a mixture of tax credits with state, local and federal subsidies including the key program.

In addition, through a related company, we have managed licensed assisted living facilities, all focused on the affordable sector of the market, so we can truly say that we have experience and expertise across a very wide spectrum of the elderly market.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing a special combination of housing, supportive services and personalized assistance designed to respond to the individual needs of our residents and clients.

We aspire to surpass current industry quality standards, to exceed the performance of our peers, to meet the highest expectations of those we serve, and to provide a work environment that conveys respect and integrity and encourages all employees to reach their full potential.

We measure our success in the delivery of superior value…

To our clients by balancing near and long term goals to achieve both a competitive return on investment and consistent increased market value.

To our residents by enhancing their quality of life and personal dignity.

To our clients by applying our expertise to establish the highest operating standards.

To our community by exercising sound principles of stewardship in all we undertake.

Ownership and Governance Structure

RPM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Salem Senior Housing, Inc. (SSH). In addition to RPM, SSH has been involved in the management of assisted living facilities, through another subsidiary.

SSH employs a variety of specialists primarily in accounting and asset management, who provide support directly to RPM and to the teams that actually manage the day-to-day operations of our properties. The company also maintains a computer network and all required software to support RPM management operations.

William G. Benton

G.L. Clark, Jr.

SSH is controlled by William G. Benton and G.L. Clark, Jr. Mr. Benton has been involved in the management and development of low and moderate income housing for over 30 years and is a general partner in partnerships owning roughly 1/3 of the units that RPM manages.

Mr. Clark also has over 30 years experience in low and moderate-income housing. In addition, both have public company management experience, including companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ small cap markets.

Executive Staff

William G. Benton

Chief Executive Officer

G.L. Clark, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Ward

NC Asset Manager

Mona Williams

NC Asset Manager

Wendi Cohenour

PA Asset Manager

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